Table ordering service me&u has announced the launch of its new product, me&u flex. Designed to improve the experience for both businesses and consumers, me&u flex provides a two-way ordering system that facilitates faster payments and easy bill-splitting, resulting in quicker table turnovers.

The hospitality tech innovator has introduced the new system to enhance order flow and free up staff time, allowing customers to order through both their waiter and me&u under a combined table in the POS.

Different to the usual pay as you go approach, me&u flex takes payment at the end of the experience, giving customers the option to easily split and pay the bill, evenly or by item. This new feature addresses concerns unveiled by research, proving that one in five Australians have experienced bill-splitting anxiety and 22 per cent have admitted to avoiding group dining due to bill-splitting concerns.

The new table service solution also gives the customer visibility to see who on their table is ordering, and when they are ready to send said order, with all meals delivered at the same time.

As well as gathering valuable customer data that can be used by venues to refine marketing efforts and personalised experiences, me&u flex has purpose-built features which simplify up-selling and drive increased food and beverage sales.

“Me&u’s primary objective is to help hospitality businesses drive operational efficiency, maximise sales and grow their bottom line,” said Katrina Barry, CEO of me&u. “Table service venues are looking for ways to help staff serve more tables, make up-selling easier, strengthen customer loyalty, and deliver a seamless experience; all of which Flex makes possible.

“The benefits for venues, staff and the customer are symbiotic, with a slick ordering experience that can boost revenue, job satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.

“In addition, we identified a clear demand for services like me&u flex within our Pubs, Pints and Predictions research, which revealed 57 per cent of Australians prefer venues that give them the option of smart technology to make the ordering experience more efficient.

“We are committed to building our product and service offering to cater to and address consumer demand, while solving emerging industry pain points. Me&u flex is another step towards building a better future for Australia’s hospitality sector, and one we’re proud to launch here in Australia after a successful launch in the UK and US.”

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