Midori and Lemonade is now available in a convenient 300ml can.

Lemonade is still the most popular mix to enjoy with the original Melon Liqueur so the choice of which variant to launch in a can was easy.

The stylish slimline format is expected to appeal to the female target market.

Packaged at one standard drink per can, it also encourages responsible consumption. 

On-premise outlets under fire by strict licensing laws are embracing the new Midori and Lemonade can as the product delivers a solution to the issues they face, including glass restrictions.

Midori and Lemonade in a can is the official drink of TheShout’s first birthday celebrations. The distributor Suntory Australia is offering a free case of Midori and Lemonade cans to the first 50 liquor retailers who reply to this email address with the ‘TheShout Turns One’ in the subject line. Applicants must also include their name, business names, address and phone number. 

Midori and Lemonade is now available now in convenient 4 packs.

For trade enquiries contact Suntory Australia on 0296631877


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