Katie McNamara will step down from her role as Managing Director of Mighty Craft on 30 June, in line with terms of her fixed term contract, and will step down as Director of the Board on 12 July.

McNamara joined the Board in April of last year and, according the a statement on the ASX, was “instrumental in stabilising Mighty Craft’s operations and restructuring the business”.

Mighty Craft is currently undergoing a period of major transition, including divesting of non-Better Beer assets to manage debt levels and investigating a merger with Better Beer. Mighty Craft says that McNamara has retained focus on the company’s strategic vision during this time.

Chairman Grant Peck thanked McNamara for her leadership during her tenure as Mighty Craft Managing Director.

“The Board and management would like to take this opportunity to thank Katie for her significant contribution and leadership of the business. Katie has supported the company though some challenging times, and we are grateful for her dedication. We wish Katie all the best and look forward to her continued support,” he said.

As this remains a critical moment for Mighty Craft’s business operations, and a potential merger with Better Beer is being explored, the Board has appointed Peck as Executive Chair from 1 July for a six-month contract.

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