The Hills Cider Company and Mismatch Brewing Company – both part of one of the industry’s leading cellar door and production facilities LOT.100, recently completed in the Adelaide Hills – have announced they’re moving on from long-term distribution partners Samuel Smith & Son (SSS).

In a joint statement, the companies said the decision has been made to “bring further levels of support for their customers” and is “one rooted in mutual respect”. The split from SSS came into effect on 1 July.

“In today’s ever fragmenting market both businesses collectively reached the conclusion that the needs of a beer and cider business and fine wine were vastly different,” reads the statement.

“The language to inform and grow customers was unique to both segments. As such the parting of ways will be done to give both businesses opportunity to concentrate on their core functions and to exponentially grow within these spheres to further exceed consumer expectations and desires.”

As a result of the decision, both Hills Cider and Mismatch Brewing will be expanding their employee base – “with additional cider and beer sales specialists around the country”.

This is in line with a stated aim of more than doubling domestic production and spreading their distribution further around the country.

“The decision is difficult as there is immense mutually respect, with both the SSS business and their partners championing quality first while making inroads into sustainable practices,” comments Tobias Kline of THCC and MMBC.

For further information and orders going forward, customers are urged to contact their relevant State Business Development Manager – see below for more info.

South Australia

  • Manny Cebo: 0438 605 514 |
  • Marc Huber: 0499 994 788 |
  • Kevin Thomas: 0438 293 635 |


  • Sylvia Yamanaka-Mead: 0409 677 725 |
  • Han Leppitsch: 0437 512 300 |


  • Travis McKenna 0448 538 155 |
  • Dean Terranova 0477 974 910 |

New South Wales

  • Ben Egan: 0429 526 206 |
  • Scott Clarke: 0403 516 319 |

Western Australia

  • Ben Carroll: 0455 419 152 |

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