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The NSW Government today (Nov 20) named 66 licensed venues that will face new restrictions aimed at reducing alcohol-related assaults and anti-social behaviour.

Gaming and Racing Minister Kevin Greene said 19 Level 1 and 47 Level 2 venues will be subject to the new system of special conditions from December 1.

The Coogee Bay Hotel and The Steyne Hotel in Manly are two high profile venues on the first list (more than 19 assaults per year), while the Establishment Hotel and Ivy are on the second list (12 – 18 assaults per year).

However, there was better news for Sydney stalwarts Home Nightclub, Scruffy Murphy’s, Cargo Bar and the Bondi Hotel, which were amongst 25 venues removed from the list entirely.

“In December last year, we imposed special conditions on 48 violent venues and we’ve now seen alcohol-related assaults and glassing attacks fall dramatically,” Greene said.

“We’ve now reviewed the list based on updated assault data. 66 venues will now be subject to special conditions for the next six months, until the list is updated.

“In a sign the restrictions are having a positive effect, 25 of the 48 venues initially on the list have been removed after their assault rates fell below the threshold.”

Greene said the new safety regime sees restrictions placed on venues based on the number of assaults on their premises.

Depending on their classification, venues face requirements to reduce intoxication, increase patron safety and help prevent alcohol-related anti-social behaviour and violence.

The restrictions to apply to Level 1 venues (with 19 or more assaults in a year) are:

• A 2am lockout;
• Ceasing alcohol service 30 minutes prior to closing;
• An appropriate extra security measure, like additional guards, CCTV, digital video
and audio recording devices, or electronic ID scanning;
• Drinks must not be served in glass or breakable containers after midnight;
• No shots, no doubles, no RTDs over 5 percent after midnight;
• A limit of four alcoholic drinks per customer per order after midnight; and
• Alcohol time-outs or the provision of free water and food for ten minutes every hour
after midnight.

Level 2 venues (with 12 to 18 assaults in a year) must comply with three conditions:

• Ceasing alcohol service 30 minutes before closing;
• No glass or breakable containers after midnight; and
• Alcohol time-outs or the provision of free water and food for ten minutes every hour
after midnight.

Level 1 and 2 venues must also record every assault in an incident register and licensees can also face a maximum penalty of 12 months in jail and an $11,000 fine for failing to comply with license conditions.

Greene said the new system saw in-depth participation from police and licensees.

“In order to examine the black-and-white individual assault numbers, police and licensees reviewed the statistics to determine the final numbers and venue classifications,” he said.

“This cooperation is about ensuring assaults are reasonably attributed to licensed venues.

To review the list of restricted venues, click here.

The list will be reviewed again when updated assault data is released next year, with a revised list published on June 1.

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