By Sacha Delfosse

Coca-Cola Amatil has added a consumer component to its Mixxit on-premise training program with the launch of the innovative new Mixxit@Home cocktail-making unit.

CCA developed the new kiosk units following feedback from over 3000 customers that highlighted a resurging interest in cocktail creation and consumption, partly driven by popular TV shows such as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire.

The Mixxit@Home kiosk units have been initially rolled out to 10 off-premise liquor stores across the country, in order to get feedback from retailers.

Apart from carrying a range of premium sprits from the Beam Inc portfolio, the units feature a digital information touch screen that provides consumers with resources to be able to construct cocktails at home.

This includes a tailored list of modern cocktails that are easy to make, as well as the instructions on how to make them, what ingredients are required and what equipment is needed.

Consumers can also use the touch screen to email a shopping list to themselves, which are linked through to the Mixxit website that provides them with a range of instructional videos on how to make cocktails and utilise different bar tools.

"Much of the innovation in the retail sector over the last 15 years has been product based. We are committed to delivering a category based solution for our customers that will create theatre in-store, drive incremental basket purchase and most importantly create repeat visits from consumers wanting to use the Mixxit@Home unit,” said CCA managing director of beverages, John Murphy.

CCA has also developed a solution that will allow the Mixxit@Home technology to be placed into existing shelving in-store. The response so far, according to Murphy has been “extremely positive” with some stores recording an up lift in sales of up to 40 percent on products featured through the units.

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