There’s a new local player in Australia’s booming hard seltzer market, with Mode seltzer announcing its launch ahead of summer.

The locally owned brand is inspired by native Australian ingredients, with four hard seltzer varieties that aim to help consumers explore what’s possible in the local hard seltzer space. Understanding the challenges of the crowded market right now, Mode has said it is committed to producing the best hard seltzer possible, using an artisanal blend of the highest quality vodka and native ingredients, crafted by an all-local team of experts.

Founder, Michael Clifford, has a strong history in the drinks market, working as a senior executive in London at major brewer, SABMiller plc, as well as independent spirits distillery Quintessential Brands.

For Clifford, Mode is designed as a delicious thirst quencher that caters to the ‘better for you’ market, being low calorie, low sugar, vegan and gluten free. Mode looks to stand apart from other RTDs on the market not only for these ‘lighter’ credentials and unique flavours, but also with an ABV of five per cent.

Clifford said: “I wanted to create a sophisticated product that’s focused on the incredible ingredients from our own backyard. We have amazing native flavours in Australia, why do we need to drink something generic from overseas?”

“For so long, customers could only choose between drinking a beer, wine, spirit, or a cocktail, and more recently, an army of seemingly similar brewed seltzers without much flavour. Mode is here to change that and offer a real alternative to the bland. Alcoholic seltzer is a fast-growing category, and I thought it was time that consumers should be able to enjoy a premium product with exceptional Australian flavours, which is why we created Mode.”

Mode Seltzers are available in a variety of interestingly named SKUs. There’s Frankie’s Sunset Dress (mango and pomegranate flavour), Jim’s Pink Blouse (Tasmanian pepper berry, ginger and lime flavour), Salt Brushed Skin (Davidson plum and forest berry flavour) and No More Elevator Music (yuzu, cucumber and basil flavour).

Mode Seltzer is available in 330ml cans, and comes in 12-packs for $75.

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