On Thursday 31 August, Moët Hennessy celebrated the Australian launch of its new ultra-premium tequila, Volcan X.A, at an exclusive party in the Sydney suburb of Lavender Bay.

The luxury brand transformed a private home into a volcanic oasis for the launch event, taking inspiration from the unique bottle design, and the brand’s birthplace of Jalisco and its terroir. Guests were among the first in Australia to sample the new Volcan X.A tequila, alongside a Volcan Blanco Margarita and the brands own take on the Paloma, the Lavaloma.

“The tequila market continues to grow at a fast pace,” explained Julien Morel, CEO of Volcan de mi Tierra. “After a successful introduction of our core products, Blanco and Cristalino, we are thrilled to launch Volcan X.A, a pure and ultimate expression of Volcan de mi Tierra savoir-faire, created to be appreciated around the best tables of the world.”

Made exclusively from blue agave with no additives, Volcan X.A is described as having “a tasteful tequila profile, with a reposado base bringing the right level of sweetness and smoothness, and anejo and extra-anejo adding aromatic balance and complexity.”

Having its own distillery at the base of the volcano ‘Tequila’, Volcan de mi Tierra pays tribute to its Mexican heritage with its innovative volcano-like bottle design.

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