Moon Dog Fizzer is giving away free drinks to adults born on 29 February, offering a full day’s worth of free drinks at Moon Dog World and Moon Dog OG from 29 February to 3 March.

Moon Dog said it recognises that only celebrating your birthday every four years can be a bit of a fizzer, with Director of Sales & Marketing Brook Hornung saying he hopes free Moon Dog Fizzers will make this year’s leap birthday celebrations particularly special.

“It just felt like such a stitch up to only be able to celebrate your birthday every four years. We also felt that these unlucky Leap Day babies surely would require an extra big celebration for their birthday when it did actually come around and we thought we should help out. Plus, our venues are perfect for birthday drinks and functions, and it couldn’t hurt to have these folks bring down all their drinking mates with them,” he said.

Leap Day babies looking to score some free drinks need to show their ID to the bar staff, and will then receive a wristband entitling them to free drinks for the day. Drinks are for the birthday person only, and RSA rules apply.

For Leap Day babies unable to make it to a Moon Dog venue in person, Moon Dog is giving away free Mixed 10 Packs, which contain the new Apple Blackcurrant flavour. Fizzer fans can redeem their 10 pack by uploading a photo of their ID to the Fizzer website.

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