Moon Dog has added two new ranges to its alcoholic post-mix machine, which it first launched last year with flavours from its Fizzer Seltzer line.

Now, the producer has expanded its offering, making the Razzler range of RTD flavours available on the machine, alongside a post-mix exclusive series of ‘Boozy Pub Classics’, which features Ginger Beer, Vanilla Cola and Pub Squash.

For on-premise operators looking to add the machine to their venue, Moon Dog is offering free installation and machine cost, which the brand says is worth $7,000.

Dave Langlands, National On-Premise Sales Manager, explained why the brand was taking this approach, and the conditions of the offer.

“We really believe these will become an indispensable part of every bar they go into which is why we’re willing to cover the costs of the installation and machine, in return we require the machine to be kept in for at least 12 months but with no minimum volume requirement,” Langlands said.

“Our team will work with each venue to ensure the machines are volume performing as expected and become indispensable to a venue’s service.”

Moon Dog’s Co-founder and CEO, Josh Uljans, outlined why the brand had decided to further the ranges available on-top.

“Why stop at seltzer? The RTD category is booming right now and consumers are looking for a range of options that are full of flavour,” Uljans commented.

“With the huge variety of flavours and styles available off-premise, consumers are used to having a world of flavour at their fingertips and we’re on a mission to make a drink for everyone.

Like Langlands, Uljans is convinced of the potential of this technology and its future importance to on-premise operators.

“Alcoholic post-mix really serves as a solution for venues, it’s a one-stop shop for a variety of RTD products that pour with speed and simplicity. One of the best things about our new range is that venues can completely customise their offering to meet the needs of their customers,” the CEO said.

“We are truly backing and investing in this technology and believe it will become an essential part of how bars operate in the future,” he concluded.

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