Razzler, a new range of RTDs, has been produced by brewery Moon Dog with the summer in mind.

The new line includes flavours of: lemon-lime, apple-blackcurrant, watermelon, orange-mango and passionfruit. Razzler follows the successful launch of Fizzer Seltzer, though Moon Dog stresses that the two ranges should not be confused – with Razzler more intense in flavour and colour.

Josh Uljans, Co-Founder of Moon Dog, is predicting significant growth for the new series, using the example of Fizzer Seltzer.

“We thought Fizzer Seltzer might double our business in three years, and it did it in just 12 months. We reckon Razzler will do the exact same,” Uljans said.

The RTDs are made with natural fruit flavours, and have less than one gram of sugar per unit. Each can is vegan friendly, has 1.6 standard drinks, and weighs in at six per cent ABV. Moon Dog claims the RTDs contain 30 per cent less sugar, calories and carbs than a regular RTD.

The cans have been developed by leading Aussie bartender, Chris Hysted-Adams, who serves as Moon Dog’s ‘Flavourologist’.

Chris Hysted-Adams

“We’re stoked to have made these dangerously delicious drinks as juicy as humanly possible, whilst still having less than a gram of sugar per can Razzler tastes like all your best memories of your favourite RTDs, without the fuzzy teeth feeling afterwards,” Hysted-Adams said.

Razzler is made in Melbourne, and is fully carbon neutral, according to Moon Dog. The cans will be stocked in independent retail, and online at the Moon Dog store from 24 October. The RTDs will be sold both as four-packs (RRP $20), and as 10 packs with all five flavours represented (RRP $46).

Razzler is also available at select on-premise venues in Melbourne and Sydney.

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