By James Atkinson

Coles Liquor has not yet announced a replacement for general manager of merchandise, Duncan Phillips, who left the division suddenly just before Christmas.

It’s understood Phillips was offered another role within Coles as new liquor boss Greg Davis looks to establish his preferred team.

Phillips previously worked in the trading team at UK retailer Carphone Warehouse alongside current Coles MD John Durkan, whom Phillips followed across to the Australian supermarkets business in 2009, before joining the liquor division in 2013. 

A Coles spokesman confirmed the change but was unable to provide any further detail, while suppliers report they have not yet been informed of Phillips’ replacement.

Phillips’ departure follows a restructure in September last year that claimed the scalps of several other senior liquor buyers.

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  1. Hi Ed,
    Maybe Coles, and Woolies for that matter, should concentrate on Management that build culture and relationships with suppliers; rather than mangers whose middle names are ‘margin’, ‘screw’ and ‘cold’. Just try it once, they might find companies may then WANT to deal with them as opposed to thinking the HAVE to deal with them.
    Just a thought.

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