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In response to the growing popularity of mezcal, the Casa Mexico Group has begun importing a number of artisanal expressions of the spirit into Australia.

In the past few months, Casa Mexico Group has introduced a number of premium, artisanal mezcals into the local market, including the Coralillo, Banhez and Bruxo brands, which are sourced directly from boutique distilleries in Oaxaca, Mexico.

“I believe that mezcal exemplifies the way of the future with a strong legacy from the past. Connecting our traditions, passions and love to share an honest and artisan beverage from our beloved Mexico,” said Casa Mexico Group director, Octavio Gomez-Haro. 

“As a Mexican, I’m really interested to make mezcal a first-choice spirit in Australia as well as across Asia-Pacific.”

Coralillo is available in two expressions – joven and reposado – and is made from Espadin agave, triple distilled and bottled at 38 per cent ABV. 

Bruxo is also made from Espadin agave, double distilled and bottled at 40 per cent ABV. Banhez is made using both Espadin and Barril agave, double distilled and bottled at 38 per cent ABV.

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  1. I´m Octavio´s father. Very proud about the work he is doing in Sidney about the introduction of Mezcal in so fare place.

    Mezcal represents the spirit of Oaxaca one of the must interesting places in México, full of traditions, colors and magic.

    Viva México y arriba el Mezcal.

    Congrats from your father

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