Cider is a long-standing and integral part of life in Herefordshire, England. In 1880, Henry Wetson bought his family to The Bounds farm in the Herefordshire countryside, where he discovered the great craft of cider-making. Over 135 years later, Westons carry on this tradition and continue to produce the very best quality English cider.

The journey of Mortimer’s Orchard cider is dictated by nature’s bounty, but treated with man’s care and precision.

Over the years, our farmers have discovered which apple varieties produce the best juice for making our cider. When harvest season comes around, the ripe apples are lovingly picked from our orchards in the three English counties of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire, before milling and pressing.

Our cider maker then crafts Mortimer’s Orchard cider before leaving it to mature, creating a deliciously smooth and refreshing cider, bursting with the flavour of fresh apple juice.

Surrounding our orchards are miles of countryside hedgerows, full of juicy berry fruits providing the inspiration for our cider marker to craft Mortimer’s Orchard English Berry cider- a light and refreshing fruity cider, overflowing with the flavours of raspberry and blackberry.

Made with 100% fresh pressed apple juice. Available in two varieties – English Apple & English Berry – 330ML & 50L keg varieties.

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