Mountain Goat has released the latest beer in its Rare Breed collection – a 7.8 per cent ABV Rye-Infused Double IPA called Rye Fighter.

Dedicated to the character Ryu from the popular 1990s arcade game Street Fighter, the beer lives up to its name as Ryu means ‘plentiful and abundant’ which is how the brewers describe the hops in this new brew: “In addition to Amarillo and Calypso pellets, we used Simcoe Lupulin and Ekuanot Lupulin,” the brewers said.

“Lupulin powders are extra concentrated and oozing with highly resinous natural oils, resulting in a dense hop flavour and a strong, balanced bitterness. This hop intensity is immediately apparent in the aroma, with pine tropical and stone fruit notes coming to the front. The final beer is medium bodied, with spicy notes and a coating mouthfeel from the Gladfield Rye malt.”

Asahi national on-premise group business manager, John Kelly told TheShout that Rye Fighter will be available to venues who support Mountain Goat as well as other craft beer specialists.

“The guys at Mountain Goat are continuously bringing out new brews to keep beer interesting,” Kelly said.

“They have a great core range but they will always bring out a Rare Breed or a Barrel Breed every few months to keep the Mountain Goat faithful happy. For us Mountain Goat has been a great acquisition. We have been very conscious of not touching it at all and letting it do its thing.

“It has been around for 21 years and has been very successful and that’s the way we want to continue to see it. So when you go to Mountain Goat at Richmond in Melbourne, it is the same Mountain Goat Brewery that has been there forever. The guys still get to experiment – we haven’t told them they can’t do this or they can’t do that – so it is really business as usual and it has been a great addition for our customers to be able to access some of the most amazing craft in Australia.”

Asahi also confirmed to TheShout that the beer will be packaged for off-premise retailers.

The Mountain Goat brewers have appeared in a new video celebrating the launch of their latest Rare Breed…

Andy Young

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