By James Atkinson

The Tooheys Extra Dry ‘Repay Your Mouth’ marketing campaign is the latest in a series of investments by Lion aimed at revitalising the cornerstone brand, according to brand director Tanya Marler.

Positioned as an evolution of the successful ‘Tongue’ campaign of 2004, the TED ‘Repay Your Mouth’ marketing campaign is inspired by the fact that being a mouth is a “thankless job”. 

“A mouth has to eat bacteria ridden leftovers, laugh at unfunny jokes, spew out cheesy pick-up lines and do endless amounts of sucking up. And what do they get in return? It is about time people repay their mouths for the years of mouth abuse endured – and one way to repay them is with the clean crisp taste of Tooheys Extra Dry,” Lion says.

Marler told TheShout the brewer is focused on tapping into positive consumer sentiment for TED and continuing to maintain the brand’s popularity.

“There’s no doubt the overall beer market has felt the impacts of consumer cautiousness, however looking at it more closely there is a lot of positive news and indicators,” she said. [continued below]

“Our most recent consumer activation ‘Hit the button’ (June – September 2013) was incredibly successful, and we look forward to seeing how ‘Repay your mouth’ sparks intrigue among TED drinkers.”

“We have a long term investment in continuing to build this category, and the innovation that we’re seeing across the category is great, and can only help boost consumer interest more broadly,” said Marler.

Lion national marketing director Matt Tapper said: “TED has always had a reputation for being left of centre, and we feel that ‘Repay Your Mouth’ once again pushes boundaries and builds on the fun and eccentric personality that Tooheys Extra Dry is loved for and is appreciated by our drinkers.”

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