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Responsible Vaping Australia (RVA) has launched as a movement to represent industry and consumers advocating for the responsible regulation of nicotine vaping products.

RVA launched in partnership with retailers, hospitality venues and associations from a number of sectors, and aims to end the black market of nicotine vaping products in Australia, to ensure adult consumers can make responsible purchases. The RVA movement and its supporters are committed to youth access prevention, responsible retailing practices, vaping product standards, clear labelling of packaging and the quality of ingredients.

Under the current Australian regulations, outlets trusted to sell other regulated legal products are not allowed to sell nicotine vaping products. Consumers must instead go to a doctor for a nicotine prescription to legally purchase such products.

However, research shows that 88 per cent of the more than 1.1 million adult vapers in Australia are not obtaining that prescription, and may be unknowingly participating in a roaring black market trade. 

Rory Cotter, General Manager of BAT Australia, said RVA aims to bring Australia into line with other countries’ regulation (like the UK and New Zealand), and provides a unified voice across multiple industries that supports sensible regulation change.

“Without regulatory reform in Australia, the black market for vaping products will continue to grow at the expense of the lawful retail industry and adult vapers who deserve access to regulated products sold by responsible retailers,” Cotter said.

“By working together to achieve the sensible regulation of vaping products, we will deliver sustainable value for the whole retail industry while implementing industry leading responsible retailing practices.”

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