By Rebecca Harris

Australian music festivals are becoming increasingly more sophisticated with festivals such as next week’s Playground Weekender featuring made-to-order premium cocktails and cocktail bars on-site.

The festival, which runs from February 18-21 at Wisemans Ferry, NSW will feature a SoCo Carnivale Bar, Finlandia Pool Party Bar and a Wine Bar, as well as a fine-food restaurant.

The SoCo Carnivale bar will feature Cajun-inspired cocktails, with a focus on fresh fruit, while the Finlandia Bar will have free-pour vodka.

“It’s about tailoring that cocktail experience for the festival context,” said SoCo Carnivale programming department representative Ross Ganf. “The Playground Weekender is a ‘holiday’ festival and these are the kind of drinks you would have on holiday as you relax with friends before dancing all night.”

Traditionally the bastion of canned beer and ready-to-drink spirits for ease of high-volume service, organisers for Playground Weekender say festival-goers are increasingly after a more sophisticated experience.

“Festivals like Playground Weekender now offer culturally rich weekend long experiences in a move away from the orthodox music on focused concert-style one-day festivals,” Ganf said. “The fact that the Playground Weekender is Australia’s biggest dress-up party in a fantastic brand connection for SoCo Carnivale as it brings to life the spirit of Carnivale in Australia.”

The Playground Weekender was the winner of the ‘Best Crowd and Atmosphere’ Award at the 2008 and 2009 Festival Awards.

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