Popular alcoholic seltzer Hard Fizz has signed a new distribution deal with SouthTrade International, Australia’s fastest growing spirit and RTD business.

The partnership will facilitate the national rollout of new Hard Fizz product lines, including new additions to their non-alcoholic Fizz Functional range and a new extra strength light RTD offering.

Founded in 2020, Hard Fizz has become Australia’s highest ranked independently owned alcoholic seltzer by value, having sold more than 4.5 million cans worth more than $19 million.

Created by a number of high-profile entertainment and sporting figures, including DJs Fisher and Tigerlily and professional surfers Laura Enever and Nikki Van Dijk, Hard Fizz will maintain full ownership of its brand. Starting Tuesday 1 August, SouthTrade will oversee all customer trading, trade marketing, supply and logistics responsibilities for Hard Fizz.

According to CEO Wade Tiller, the opportunity will allow Hard Fizz to build on its nationwide success.

“This partnership is no accident or even opportunistic – this is a very deliberate coming together of two brands which are very aligned in core values and missions.

“Both Hard Fizz and SouthTrade are in this to dream big, make a difference and ultimately have fun; and to be brave and bold in our thinking with our customers and suppliers always at heart.

“SouthTrade has an incredible track record of shaking things up in the industry, and they simply have the best party brands in the business so it’s a no brainer for us to be teaming up.

“This is a watershed moment for Hard Fizz – we have some particularly ambitious goals in the coming years and SouthTrade will be able to help us with the expertise and boots on the ground to make them happen.”

The hard seltzer category continues to show record growth, and SouthTrade, who also distributes Australia’s fastest growing premium whiskey Fireball, is thrilled to welcome Hard Fizz to its portfolio.

SouthTrade Managing Director, Ray Noble, said: “This is a match made in fizzy heaven. Hard fizz really is one of the drinks of the moment and I’m over the moon to be partnering with them on their journey. SouthTrade can help the brand go to the next level and expose it to even bigger markets.”

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