Introducing a first-of-its-kind packaging solution for the RTD category, Mandatory Spirit Co has released Mandatory Twisted, a premium vodka premix uniquely boxed in a resealable and recyclable Tetra Pak carton.

The innovative new product range was unveiled three weeks ago in collaboration with Coles Liquor, and a new distribution partnership with Moon Dog has now made the product available to independent retailers through Australian Liquor Marketers.

Mark Collins, Co-Founder of Mandatory Spirit Co, spoke about the product launch, which positions Mandatory Spirit Co as a pioneer in environmental sustainability and product convenience in the RTD category.

“As the first-to-market, we launched our premium vodka premix in a carton that is not only recyclable but also resealable. This makes us the only vodka-based RTD worldwide to produce a convenient alcoholic drink that is non-carbonated, whilst also maintaining an environmental conscience.

“This sets us apart from other RTDs catered towards festivals and parties as our drinks are able to be opened and enjoyed at your own pace as they can be resealed, compared to usual tinned RTDs that have to be finished once opened.”

Disheartened by the large amounts of waste that can be left behind at large-scale events such as festivals, shifting this narrative became an important element of product development for Collins.

“Sustainability was at the forefront of product creation as we are aware of how wasteful the typical RTD market can be,” he says.

“We made a commitment to support our environmental and sustainability goals through the use of renewable, plant-based materials for packaging. Our plant-based carton has a carbon footprint that is 6.5 times less than that of traditional packaging.”

The innovative Mandatory Twisted product range offers a sustainable alternative that maintains freshness, and is recyclable through the national Container Deposit Scheme which repurposes Tetra Pak cartons into building materials in partnership with Saveboard.

“From market research, we found that over 40 per cent of consumers are more likely to engage with products that support climate conservation and sustainability,” Collins continued.

“Being 100 per cent recyclable, it offers a forward-thinking choice for consumers and the planet, heralding a new era of eco-conscious, yet convenient drinking.”

In addition to its environmentally friendly credentials, the product contains zero sugar and zero preservatives, and with only 72 calories per drink, Mandatory Twisted is an obvious choice for health-conscious consumers.

Speaking about the successful takeoff of the product line, Collins said: “Having only gone to market at the beginning of May, we are still very much in the early days of launch, however, we have already received positive consumer feedback that Mandatory Twisted is tasty despite being zero sugar, and that consumers enjoy the non-carbonated approach we’ve taken to these products.”

The Australian-exclusive product is available in two flavours, Dark Fruits & Vodka and Passionfruit Vodka Punch with an ABV of four per cent. Featuring four 330ml cartons per pack, Mandatory Twisted is available nationwide at a retail price of $20.

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