The premium whisk(e)y category is predicted to double its growth over the next five years led by rising popularity amongst Australians who regularly consume in the Whisky/Scotch Whisky and Bourbon/American Whiskey spirit categories. Rise of at-home drinking has accelerated through COVID, creating opportunity for category trade-up amongst consumers. Locally, Monkey Shoulder has outgrown the category despite limited traditional advertising preferring to focus in the on premise. As a whisky that is ‘Made For Mixing’, Monkey Shoulder is targeting the Australian market by going after the premium whisk(e)y value pool with simple mixed drinks.

A new visual identity celebrating street art and colour, Monkey Shoulder makes a bold statement as a whisky, which sets the brand apart from its competitors. “It’s an attitude led whisky backed by strong liquid credentials and an approachability promoting ‘Playful Escapism’ which appeals to the young at heart”, remarks Mike Lowe (Monkey Shoulder Brand Manager). It’s this ‘Playful Escapism’ that is at the centre of Monkey Shoulder’s next campaign launching in October.

“We’ve learned from local data that Australians are leaving big milestones until later in life, such as getting married, buying a house, finishing their degree”. “We’re seeing these personal milestones replaced by ‘smaller pockets of achievement’ where adulting and day to day life meet” – think, “You took the bins out”, or, “You didn’t lose your sunnies this week”. This is the basis for Monkey Shoulder’s exciting new $1million campaign driving the brand’s cheeky engagement right to the cultural heart of everyday Australians. By promoting emotive led messages through disruptive OOH, digital, social, and experiential Monkey Shoulder is prompting everyone to celebrate their everyday wins.

The campaign will extend from October through December. For more information about Monkey Shoulder visit or contact your local WGS representative on (02) 9409 5100

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