Personalisation continues to be a hot trend in almost all gifting categories, seen on  everything from the new Apple AirPods to jars of Nutella. So with over 40% of all whisky purchased being gifted a personalised offering makes good business sense for any retailer.

Now in its second year, Glenfiddich’s personalised labels give all Australian retailers the opportunity to capture this shopper trend in their store. The programme is available year-round and across the entire range up to and including the 21 Year Old. It has also recently been updated to include Glenfiddich’s new bottle and Experimental Fire & Cane. Point-of-sale is readily available and shoppers are simply directed to where labels are created and dispatched by post.



Since its launch the programme has not only been found to support traditional gifting seasons, but it also drive everyday gifting opportunities such as birthdays and weddings.

With the ability to add a special message, Glenfiddich has also seen that shoppers are more likely to spend money on a higher aged bottle.  For retailers looking to sell more aged whisky in their store personalised labels justify the space given to the increased range and facings.



Retailers wanting in-store support and POS to promote Glenfiddich’s personalised label programme should contact their William Grant & Son’s sales representative or call (02) 9409 5100.

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