Vectron's newest panoramic CCTV system captures a 360 degree view of the room. Dividing a room into four location views, a single camera can capture activity in the middle of the room, doorway, behind the bar and till area.

Less is more:

As one camera provides a wider coverage, this wide angled mega pixel technology can cut down your over all camera requirement  by as much as 20%. What’s more, this camera comes with and inbuilt PC, so all data and image processing is done there and then.

All cameras can connect to one compact networked storage device, replacing the DVR entirely. A single CAT5 cable transmits data and supplies power (POE) making set up easier and tidier.


  • Quad view to show images from four different angles simultaneously
  • Digital, continuous zooming and panning
  • Robust and maintenance-free, without mechanically moving parts
  • Event-controlled, complete room recording directly in the camera (4 GB MicroSD card incl.)
  • Alarm function, speaker and microphone integrated
  • Vectron can manage end to end CCTV installations including POS integration. Once linked to the hotel or pub’s POS system, till images are matched with POS transactional data in real time. This helps track who sold what, to whom, when and at what price.
  • Automated reporting can be set to send alerts directly to the manager’s pc or mobile.  Time and date stamped images act as indisputable
  • evidence for incidents and any insurance claims. 

Completely scalable, Vectron can quote on installations for both, large and small venues.
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