Polysafe continues to set the standard for Polycarbonate drinkware as an elegant alternative to glass. These new additions are designed specifically for serving premium cocktails and spirits in locations where glass is not permitted or is impractical. The Crystal DOF has the cut crystal design that is highly fashionable and timeless. Our Balloon cocktail is a generous 700ml capacity to accommodate all types of mixed drinks. Available now from all Hospitality supply distributors.

Christmas & New Years Eve 2016


Want to celebrate with class but cannot use glass? Featuring advanced manufacturing techniques and design, Polysafe guarantees against the cracking that occurs with low quality Polycarbonate drinkware. See our video.


Polysafe is GREEN

Polysafe drinkware is 100% recyclable and has a smaller carbon footprint than its glass equivalent. It uses less energy and produces little carbon dioxide during its production, compared to glass.



  •  Looks just like real glass
  •  Is safe and licensing compliant
  •  Is virtually unbreakable. See our amazing video
  •  Is completely dishwasher and microwave safe
  •  Designs are compatible with the Australian Hospitality Industry
  •  Certified to comply with Australia National Measurement Institute capacity requirements
  •  Has superior insulation properties to glass, keeping your cold drinks colder, and your hot drinks hotter!


P:  +61 2 8571 9988

E:  ben@polysafe.com.au

W: www.trenton.com.au



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