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Australian apple growers, Batlow Apples, has launched a premium, handcrafted cider as the inaugural product from the newly-established Batlow Brewing Company.

A joint collaboration between Batlow Apples and Coombes Bros, the company has been formed to create Batlow Premium Cider, handcrafted from a blend of Australian-grown apples.

Batlow Brewing Company director, Rich Coombes, said the rise in popularity of cider and the need for a premium, fresh, locally-made offering led them to create Batlow Premium Cider.

“Producing top quality cider requires top quality apples. The use of only the best quality apples from Batlow Apples and the ability to press our apples and bottle our cider locally ensures that every bottle will be of exceptional quality and taste. We have a vision of turning Australia’s favourite apples into Australia’s favourite cider,” he said.

The apples are grown, picked and pressed in small batches in Batlow, NSW, and then transported to the cidery, where they are allowed to ferment under strictly-monitored conditions.

The process ensures one of the freshest, crispest ciders on the market and unlike many commercial ciders, Batlow Premium Cider uses fresh crushed, locally-grown apples, contains no concentrates or added sugars and is gluten-free, making it one of the healthiest ciders on the market.

Batlow Premium Cider has a golden straw appearance with fine bubbles from natural carbonation. The aroma is said to be of fresh, fragrant apples with a hint of earthiness.

The taste gives a mild, refreshing sweetness followed by a light grip on the back palate and a clean medium dry finish, resulting in a well-balanced, fresh tasting cider.

Batlow Premium Cider has an alcohol level of 5.5 per cent and will be sold in 330ml bottles in 4-packs and cartons of 24 bottles.

The cider will be available from December.

See the November issue of Australian Hotelier magazine for an analysis of the on-premise cider category. 


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