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Independent Distillers has announced plans to launch six new Cruiser premix products in October that will target female drinkers.

The beverage company said it plans to ‘redefine’ the cider, lager and vodka premix categories.

“According to Nielson research, Cruiser is the most loved alcohol brand in Australia,” said Independent Distillers CEO Peter Murphy.

“This new range of products will unlock its potential for the brand in Australia, with the hope of creating a global presence beyond our current international footprint.”

The result is a suite of products: Lady Luck (an RTD available in three flavours), Apparella (a cider) and Hummingbird, a beer (two varieties) created especially for women.

A marketing campaign for all three will start later this month.

Independent Distillers Australia marketing director, Steve Williams, sees the launch of these products as an opportunity to push a great brand to a new audience.

“We studied the market and identified the areas where the female consumer of today has been forgotten,” he said. “In response to what we learned, we will be leading the market by introducing Australia’s first beer and cider tailored specifically for women as well as adding a more sophisticated twist to our Vodka ready-to-drink category.”

Hummingbird Lager will be available as a Blonde Lager and Blonde Lager with a hint of passion fruit in the smaller serving size 275ml bottle. It is 4 percent ABV with an RRP of $14.99.

Apparella is a dolce cider hoping to target woman who make up the majority of cider drinkers. It is 4 percent ABV with an RRP of $14.99.

Lady Luck will come in three varieties: Blood Orange, Dry Lime and Indian Tonic and Yumberry and will boast 50 percent less sugar than current Cruiser. It is 4 percent ABV with an RRP of $14.99.

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