By Annette Shailer

National Leisure and Gaming (NLG) has announced the retirement of CEO Andrew Jolliffe.

Jolliffe will continue to be involved in NLG as a non executive director and consultant, advising the company on a range of corporate matters.

The company has not yet appointed a replacement for Jolliffe, with NLG’s general manager Daniel Brady responsible for the day to day operations for the company in the interim.

Jolliffe told TheShout that while he has discontinued his role as NLG CEO, he has remained on board as a consultant in a corporate advisory capacity.

“I am advising on a range of matters and importantly ensuring NLG continues to realise its undisputed potential,” he said.

“The primary purpose for my change of roles is so as to allow myself the flexibility to explore other opportunities in the liquor and gaming space, which I'm currently in the process of doing.

“Undoubtedly my time as NLG CEO has been a phenomenal source of learning and experience, and I now feel compelled to direct some of that acquired knowledge base into other areas,” he said.

“Notwithstanding above, I remain very passionate about NLG, its people, its prospects and the important strategic role it enjoys within the hotel industry.”


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