The Drink Cabinet is set open Australia’s first Cocktail Store and School on April 19 this year.

Dedicated to consumer drink enthusiasts and the professional trade, the Drink Cabinet team says that they have a vision to “launch a space where both consumers and trade can get their hands on a wide range of beautiful and professional drink making equipment and ingredients”.

The Drink Cabinet is headed up by Jason Crawley (pictured speaking at Top Shelf 2015) and Dylan Howarth, well-known industry experts and award-winning educators who are focused on developing a range of engaging consumer-led bespoke cocktail and spirit courses. The aim of the courses is to help consumers drink better at home and make more informed brand choices when purchasing.

The “store” side of the equation will see the space stocking the quality cocktail equipment range from barGEEK as well as “a wider selection of precious, fine and rare cocktail making and book rarities from all over the world”. The store is a place for consumers to expand their repertoire as well as a day-to-day trade store where bartenders can pick-up new equipment quickly and easily, without having to wait for online orders to be processed and posted. All of the equipment is available to test prior to purchase as well.

According to the The Cocktail Store and School team, the premises exists as “a space where people can wander in and connect with the professional drinks world, learn about different spirits and be exposed to its wider global social culture and dynamics”.

“Prior to The Cocktail Store & School, it was impossible for consumers to get their hands on good quality cocktail making equipment and knowledge for their homes and parties,” says Jason Crawley. “Getting access to face to face non-brand driven professional spirit and cocktail education and drink ideas does not exist, so this type of legit education will help Australians ‘drink better’.”

Dylan Howarth echoed his sentiments, adding: “As consumers are steadily becoming increasingly cocktail savvy and drinking better at home, the demand for legitimate bartender equipment and some real direction as to how to best use it, is growing, so we fully cater for this.”


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