By James Atkinson

A new small bar launched in Brisbane over the weekend will focus exclusively on showcasing Australia's small, independent brewers.

Located in Milton at the bottom of the Park Rd restaurant strip, 'The Scratch' has a capacity of 60, and is the city's first small bar to focus on craft beer, co-owner Benjamin Nichols told TheShout.

"We have nothing from Lion Nathan and nothing from Foster's in any shape or form and that's how we plan on keeping it," he said.

"We aim to support the independent and encourage the rejection of brand loyalty in favour of a constantly rotating draught and bottled beer menu."

Nichols previously worked in the television industry, while co-owners Kieran Ryan and Patrick Schevlin have worked in bottle shops and pubs.

He said the beers are carefully paired with Australian farmhouse cheeses (pictured).

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  1. go well fellas – love that you’ve taken up the challenge to bring some flavour to Brisbane. You’re a bright light in a shadow thrown by the mass consumption models dominating the market. The beer tasters are a great idea, and help us whisky types choose well when faced with a novel selection. Are you gunna get someone to play that piano??

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