Philippines-born Australian entrepreneur Siggy Bacani has launched 7000 Islands, a specialist wine and spirits import-export business between Australia and the Philippines.

The business officially launched this month with a focus on importing specialist Filipino liqueurs and spirits to Australia while exporting small batch Australian wines to the growing Philippines market.

7000 Islands received its first shipment of hand-crafted Ube Cream liqueurs earlier this month at its automated warehouse in Sydney direct from regional provinces in the Philippines. The liqueurs, as well as a range of Filipino spirits, will now rollout to select bars, restaurants and specialist outlets across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

Bacani also hopes to tap into the fast-developing Philippines restaurant and drinks market by exporting selected white and red wines from Victoria’s Yarra Valley, as well as locations in South Australia and New South Wales.

“These are exciting times,” says Bacani. “After several years of development, we are set to launch the 7000 Islands portfolio of handpicked beverages into both markets. We are passionate about bringing the very best of these two worlds together with a selection of small-batch wines and craft spirits that reflect the unmistakable flavours and traditions of Australia and the Philippines.

“Our vision is to harvest and export superb local wines from around Australia that are in perfect harmony with the tropical gastronomy of the Philippines, while providing Australian drinkers with the chance to explore some of the unique taste profiles of popular Filipino liqueurs and spirits.

“There are over 110 million people in the Philippines with many only just beginning to explore the range of wines now on offer from markets such as Australia. Likewise, we believe Australian drinkers are looking for something new, such as Ube and Lambanog – the grandfather of tequila.”

Initially, there will be 20 products available under the 7000 Islands brand, including craft spirits produced by master distillers from across the 82 provinces of the Philippines using natural ingredients and unique Filipino flavours.

A range of the imported spirits will be available in premium bars and restaurants including Sydney’s 3-hatted Oncore by Clare Symth, Ni Hao Bar & Dining, and Saigon Hustle, as well as Melbourne’s Serai and Perth’s Hygge Bar.

“All our Philippines-based drinks are sourced from natural Filipino ingredients such as Ube and sugar cane,” added Bacani. “For example, Proclamation Gin is made from handpicked Sampaguita flowers responsibly sourced from female farmers in Pampanga.

“Meanwhile, the vivid purple yam known as Ube is already highly popular in Australia and can be found in a wide range of products including Filipino pastries, cakes and ice creams.

“Our vision is focused around real craft by real people that has a positive social impact on local communities. Key elements [of the business] include the concept of artisanal distilling, family-owned, locally foraged and socially conscious [products].

“7000 Islands is a new offering for Australians which we have researched deeply and developed over the past four years to match Australian tastes with a thirst for something new.

“Our unique understanding of both cultures allows us to tell the story of our wine and dine cultures in an authentic Filipino-Australian way. Indeed, our brand name echoes the 7000-plus islands of the Philippines, as well as the fact Australia is an island continent surrounded by thousands of tiny islands as well.”

A new website has been developed to take orders direct from business and consumers at the following address:

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