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Jacob's Creek has launched a new brand extension that specifically targets wine drinkers with a liking for sweeter wine styles.

Jacob's Creek Twin Pickings range includes a Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Gris, which both feature a dash of Moscato Bianco for added sweetness.

Winemaker Rebekah Richardson said research by the winery showed that some females in their early 30s are looking for the sophistication of dry white wines, while their palate still gravitated towards the sweeter profiles they were drinking in their late 20s.

"Our aim was to offer something entirely new to drinkers with a preference for wines that are off-dry. Twin Pickings is a range of stylish and refreshing wines that are very approachable," Richardson explained.

"Each Twin Pickings wine draws its sophistication from the complex fruit flavours of a well-loved aromatic grape variety. One shows the elegant passionfruit and citrus hints of Sauvignon Blanc. The other reveals the delicate pear and honeysuckle flavours of Pinot Gris. In both cases, the dash of Moscato Bianco brings an alluring hint of sweetness to the finish."

Jacob's Creek Twin Pickings is also on trend as a lower in alcohol wine, with the Sauvignon Blanc wine at 8.5 per cent ABV and the Pinot Gris at 7.8 per cent ABV.

The 2013 Jacob's Creek Twin Pickings Sauvignon Blanc with a dash of Moscato Bianco, and the 2013 Jacob's Creek Twin Pickings Pinot Gris with a dash of Moscato Bianco launched to the trade today with a RRP of $14.99.

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