By Sacha Delfosse

Bar group Keystone has unveiled a new cocktail list for its Sydney venue theloft that includes a selection of innovative self-serve soda siphon punches.

"It's a really simple but good concept. Jugs and pitchers are really popular, punches have been popular for a few years," Keystone group cocktail manager, Jason Williams told TheShout.

"So we thought we'd cross the punch and the shared cocktail idea with the carbonation angle, which is getting really popular with the cocktail culture at the moment. So far we've been doing about 20 a week."

The soda pop punches contain five shots of vodka and sell for $40 each, and are available in three different flavour options. They can only be ordered by guests who have a table booking.

Once the wait staff bring the old-style soda siphon to the table, along with goblets, guests are given a demonstration and have the option of serving themselves.

"We treat it like a wine bottle on the table. The wait staff who take it to the table… offer to fill up the first round and come back to fill up empty glasses or people can just serve themselves," Williams said.

Keystone will be introducing the Soda Pop Punch concept to some of its other venues including the Gazebo Wine Garden and The Winery.

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