A new board has been appointed to steer the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation (AWBC) through to April 2011.

The new board will see five new appointments, including Pernod Ricard Pacific’s Kate Thompson, Natalie Toohey from the Foster’s Group, winemaking magnate Dr Tony Jordan, consultant Josephine Rozman and Kevin McLintock from McWilliam’s Wines.

The new line-up will be joined by two existing members — marketing expert Andrew Moore and Management Solutions Australia’s Mark Purbrick — who will return to serve three-year terms. The new board will be chaired by John Moore AO. 

“The board members bring a range of experience to the role and will help the Australian wine industry consolidate after a period of strong growth. The board will also work with industry to help meet the challenges of climate change and a shrinking world,” said Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Tony Burke, who yesterday announced the new board.
“New leadership with some continuity strikes the balance that is needed as we maintain and progress our role of supporting the Australian wine sector,” he said.

Burke also thanked retiring members, Angus Kennedy, Caroline Dunn, Leon Deans and Michael De Palma, for their contributions to the AWBC and the industry.

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