Queensland’s Burleigh Brewing Co has introduced three new premium lagers to its core range, along with a new-look portfolio designed to represent the brand’s evolution and its premium positioning.

Burleigh Brewing Co was first launched seventeen years ago by Peta and Brennan Fielding and found popularity with its zero-carb lager, Burleigh Bighead. As the brand responds to consumer demand for lower ABV beers and better-for-you credentials, Burleigh Brewing Co announced the addition of three new releases of its range on Thursday 30 November.

Joining the Burleigh Brewing line up is the Bighead Mid, a three per cent beer designed to appeal to mid-strength drinkers sitting alongside the 4.2 per cent Bighead.

Along with this new release comes two additional Slow Brewed lagers with an ABV of 4.2 per cent and three per cent, described as “the type of clean, crisp, refreshing lagers that quench a Queensland thirst”.

All Burleigh Brewing beers are slow brewed for natural freshness, are preservative free, vegan friendly, non-pasteurised and without any detectable gluten.

“We’ve positioned our brand to shine a light on our slow brewing ethos,” says Peta. “We like to take our time to do things right, and to us, beer done right means extra time in the tanks. Only the natural passing of time ferments and ages our beer.

“We believe beer and life here in Burleigh is best done slow.”

The new look packaging was unveiled last week to coincide with the launch of the new lagers, with a refreshed ales range set to roll out in early 2024.

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