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Midstrength lager Crown Gold will be available in a new-look amber glass bottle from June, bringing it in line with the Crown family of beers.

The change to amber glass has allowed the brew to be kettle-hopped with the renowned Pride of Ringwood hops – something not previously possible with the clear glass bottle, launched in 2006.

Pride of Ringwood hops have been the hallmark of Crown Lager brewing since 1919 when it was first released for visiting ambassadors and dignitaries.

The beer now also undergoes a longer maturation period, similar to Crown Lager, resulting in a more full-flavoured and balanced beer.

The final brew is more closely aligned to the Crown Lager recipe.

Group marketing manager premium beer, Ben Summons, said the changes would offer Crown Gold drinkers the best tasting midstrength brew possible.

“Apart from being able to deliver a smoother, fuller-tasting brew, the addition of Pride of Ringwood hops – Crown Lager’s signature ingredient – ensures that Crown Gold is more closely aligned to the Crown Lager recipe,” he said.

“Likewise, the new amber bottle portrays a more premium image and fits in line with Crown Gold’s market position as Australia’s finest midstrength beer.”

The new-look Crown Gold packaging

Crown Gold was originally launched in 2006 in a clear glass bottle to help beer drinkers distinguish it from the original full-strength Crown Lager, which was in amber glass.

The use of clear glass meant the beer had to be brewed a certain way to withstand UV light and as a result it wasn’t possible to include Crown’s trademark Pride of Ringwood hops.

Crown Gold will remain at 3.5 percent ABV and 1.0 standard drink, RRP will remain the same: $13.99 per six-pack.

It is available in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and Northern NSW.

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