Plymouth – The World’s Smoothest Gin – has released Plymouth Navy Strength (57%) in Australia. The Plymouth range consists of Plymouth Original Gin, Plymouth Sloe Gin and now Plymouth Navy Strength. The new addition to the range in Australia will enhance the award-winning tradition set by Plymouth at the 8th annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition in March this year, where Plymouth Gin won two prestigious awards with a Double Gold medal in the gin category and Top Gin in the gin category.
“Navy Strength is based on exactly the same recipe as the original. But the higher alcohol content makes the taste more intense and flavorful.” Says Aaron Pasternack, Global Brand Director for Plymouth Gin. “It has more bite, without being bitter. Like Plymouth Original Gin (41.2%), the juniper flavor is evenly balanced with other botanicals for an exceptionally smooth taste. Some traditional gin drinkers claim that this is the ultimate gin, that this is exactly what gin should taste like.”
Plymouth Navy Strength, at 57% ABV – or 100° English proof – is the traditional strength demanded by the British Royal Navy. This was the proof that would not prevent gunpowder from igniting, should it be compromised by spilled spirit.
 The  Plymouth distillery has supplied Navy Strength to the Royal Navy since the early 1800’s and is traditionally presented to every Royal Navy ship upon commission. During the Second World War, if a vessel of the British Royal Navy successfully sank an enemy ship, it was rewarded with two cases of Plymouth Navy Strength gin.
In England during the 19th century people drank juniper berry elixirs as protection against the Black Death and other ailments. The Royal Navy had adopted the drinking of gin for “medical” purposes and this lent prestige to the spirit, allowing it to climb the ladder of respectability. During the 1870s, ship’s surgeon Sir Thomas D. Gimlette squeezed some fresh lime into Plymouth Navy Strength gin, creating the Gimlet and a new weapon in the battle against scurvy that did not require the transport of lemons and limes, which rotted quickly on long voyages.
Back on dry land, where the state of gunpowder is less relevant and scurvy unlikely, Plymouth Navy Strength has set new standards in its class. The 57% ABV amplifies the aroma and fragrance of the botanicals, whilst retaining the smooth and balanced character Plymouth Gin is renowned for. As with Plymouth Original, this is a handcrafted, batch distilled gin made to an 18th century recipe.
The silver and gunmetal label expresses the range’s premium quality and the red script deliberately underscores the strength. Sitting proudly alongside Plymouth Original Gin and Plymouth Sloe Gin, the end result is  an outstanding family of  bottles that speaks volumes from the shelf.
Whilst stronger and more commanding than the original Plymouth Gin, Navy Strength uses the same Victorian still, soft Dartmoor water and combination of seven hand selected botanicals. The result is a highly drinkable gin, favoured by mixologists and connoisseurs around the world for it’s rich, balanced taste and it’s ability to take a martini or gin and tonic to new levels.
August will see a highly anticipated visit to Australia by Sean Harrison, the keeper of Plymouth’s two-century-old gin recipe and the master distiller at Plymouth’s Black Friars Distillery. Harrison’s knowledge and passion for gin making is unparalleled. After all, the former Royal Navy lieutenant has delved so deeply into gin chemistry that he checks his ingredients using gas chromatography among other methods to ensure the ancient smooth flavours remain consistent.

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