By Andy Young

Australian start-up Sofi Spritz is tapping into the growing popularity of pre-batched cocktails with the launch of Sofi Spritz on tap.

Already popular in the independent off-premise market, Sofi Spritz is heading into the on-premise tap market with its Blood Orange & Bitters and Lemon & Elderflower flavours.

Founder Tom Maclean told TheShout that the move into on-premise has presented the company with some challenges, but he feels that the high margins that are available to venues with the new kegs mean he now has a very strong on-premise offering.

“It is a whole new challenge logistically, moving the kegs around,” Maclean said. “Kegstar, so far have made it pretty easy for us too, we haven’t had to buy the kegs which has really helped us.

“We’ve now got sales agents in each state, which has only just started and pretty much fallen into place, so they are looking at the independents and the on-premise. 

“We’ve got about a dozen stockists already and I feel like we’ve got a really strong on-premise offering now. It’s available through the state-based sales agents and although it is not in the ALM warehouse, there are ALM codes for it, so it can be ordered through ALM.”

The keg offer launched earlier this month at the iconic Bucket List in Bondi Beach, with a SOFI Spritz “Cocktail Tapelino” pop up – a Piaggio Apé with a built-in keg and tap system which served aperitivos on tap all afternoon. The Tapelino will also be available to other venues for activations and promotions throughout summer, to help draw the attention of customers to this exciting new serve of pre-batched cocktails.

Maclean told TheShout: “Obviously a lot of venues have their taps contracted, so the tap space is really hard to win, which is why we’ve done the little tapalinos, so we can bring the taps in with us. That means they can trial it, see how well it works and then put it on their taps after that.

“The standard pour is 150ml in a wine glass, the great thing is that 150ml at eight per cent is almost exactly one standard drink, and you then add the ice and the fruit and then you are done – lime with the Blood Orange and Bitters and lemon and mint is ideal for garnishing the Lemon and Elderflower.

“Our wholesale pricing is on par with beer, but servings like this mean there are 333 serves from each keg.

“We have tried to make it as simple and compelling for the venue and their customers as possible. Delivering in 50L kegstar kegs with wholesale pricing on par with beer, but with two to three times as many serves from each keg, means we can deliver margins that leave beer and cider in the dust.”

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