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ClearMind will launch its fifth non-alcoholic SKU through Dan Murphy's in March, with a red wine produced by Portugal's oldest winery, José Maria da Fonseca.

Michael Timmins, co-owner of ClearMind said while the José Maria da Fonseca wines will launch initially through Dan Murphy's, they will also be made available through the independents. ClearMind non-alcoholic products have also just been listed with ALM.

"We're an overnight sensation that's taken 20 years to happen," said Timmins

ClearMind, which also distributes Blue Nun non-alcoholic wines nationally, specialises in "premium non-alcoholic beverages".

Timmins said: "Our biggest distributor for the Blue Nun is Dan Murphy's but it's also available nationally through the independents.

"Our products are premium products from across the world. Dan Murphy's have really been a trailblazer, we've got five SKUs with them and we're not there for our good looks."

The José Maria da Fonseca Two Valleys Alcohol Free Red Wine will be available from March at Dan Murphy's stores for RRP $12.50 and it has an ABV of 0.3 per cent.

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