Refreshing and incredibly easy to drink, the Barefoot Radler has taken all the heritage and quality from its German roots and has been tailored for the Australian beer drinker.

“Radler”, the German word for cyclist, is a traditional Bavarian beer flavoured with a mixture of lemon and lime. Good stories and good beer go together — like the story of how radler was first developed: on a hot Saturday afternoon in June 1922, Franz Xaver Kugler — publican of the Kugler-Alm near Munich, Germany — started mixing dark beer with sparkling lemon juice to meet the high demand from large groups of cyclists who wanted a more refreshing drink so they could continue on their journey without falling off their bicycles.

And so a new type of beer was born — a beer with a crisp and refreshing lemon and lime twist. And it was called the ‘radler’ — in honour of the cyclists it was made for. In Germany, the Radler is an established part of their culture and more than 300 million litres of this style of beer are sold each year. Barefoot Radler brewers have created an Australian Radler that’s perfect for the Australian climate, making it the refreshing solution to a hot day out in the sun.

Barefoot Radler beer has been brewed using the best nature has to offer, but the brewers have made sure that they give something back. Barefoot Radler has been certified carbon neutral, accredited under Australian Government Greenhouse FriendlyTM Programme, the first beverage to attain certification under this initiative.

As a Greenhouse Challenge Plus Leader, Lion Nathan has already reduced its carbon footprint significantly. With Barefoot Radler, all the remaining greenhouse gas emissions over the lifecycle of the product have been offset using certified carbon abatement from the process of growing the barley, to the fuel used for delivering the carton to the retailer. Plus, Barefoot Radler is looking after the environment too, with proceeds from the sale of Barefoot Radler going to Coastcare to support vital community group projects which repair and protect Australia’s delicate coastline for future generations.

Barefoot  is available at off-premise outlets at $13.99 for a six-pack or $44.99 for a case.

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