Exchange for Change (EfC) has announced new fixed pricing for the supplier contributions that fund the NSW and ACT Container Deposit Schemes (CDS), effective for 12 months for invoices issued from February 2024 to January 2025 inclusive.

In NSW and the ACT, increased rates will apply to both container deposit schemes, under which beverage suppliers pay a fixed price per material type for contributions.

Danielle Smalley, CEO of Exchange for Change spoke about the new pricing for the two schemes.

“Over the last 12 months, we have experienced strong growth in the volume of containers returned with conditions returning to normal following disruptions due to bushfires, floods and the pandemic in recent years.

“Just last week, Return and Earn celebrated the major milestone of 10 billion containers returned through its 620 return points across NSW and $1billion in container refunds back to the community.

“The ACT continues to have one of the highest redemption rates in Australia, with 476 million containers returned through the scheme since launching in 2018, resulting in 72 per cent of containers supplied being redeemed either through the network or kerbside collections.”

Both schemes operate on a cost-recovery basis and do not make a profit. The new pricing has been accurately calculated using detailed modelling to forecast scheme costs, with surplus funds or shortfalls factored into future pricing.

“In determining the new pricing, we have reviewed the latest consumer research and participation trends, consulted with the beverage industry and robust modelling to forecast redemptions and scheme costs during the period ahead.”

Smalley explained that the changes in 12 month pricing to the NSW Return and Earn scheme was based on the anticipated growth in redemption volumes for the upcoming pricing period and redemption costs.

New NSW CDS supplier contribution pricing by material type:

Speaking about the ACT CDS scheme, Smalley explained how the pricing increase has been calculated.

“The price increase for containers made from aluminium, PET and HDPE reflects the strong volumes we forecast will be redeemed for these material types during the pricing period,” Smalley added.

“The success of the ACT CDS would not be possible without the contribution of the beverage industry. Together, we are making important strides towards a strong circular economy.”

New ACT CDS supplier contribution pricing by material type:

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