By Amy Looker

A new Australian wine export service, Wine Export Initiative (WEXI), has set its sights on the growing Asian market.

Taking a collaborative approach and based on the ‘strength in numbers’ principle, WEXI offers Australian wineries a low-risk method of accessing and trialing Asia’s emerging wine markets, with managing director, David Elliot, saying that he has received phenomenal interest from Australian wineries.

“They tell us they are hungry for a stronger, safer method of selling in overseas markets and looking for long-term sales channels. This is at a time when the appetite for Australian wine in tourist and domestic markets in some Asian countries is growing by as much as 45 percent in the past few years,” said Elliot.

“Just like all successful collaborations, it’s about being at the right spot at the right time. By sticking together, wineries will be able to fulfill international sales faster and more efficiently without the massive risk of going it alone.”

WEXI can only accept around 40 wineries for the export program and all the wineries will be spread across wine regions with each region will having only a few participants.

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