By James Atkinson

Jasper Ale, the third beer in Stone & Wood Brewing Company's permanent range, is now available on limited distribution in the eastern states.

Stone & Wood said the new beer reflects the red volcanic soil of its Byron Bay hinterland and is brewed from a blend of pale and crystal malts.

"Jasper Ale is deep red, has a rich malt character and is well balanced with a firm spicy hop bitterness."

"If you're looking for a pigeon hole to stick it in there's no neat fit, but the inspiration comes from German Alt, American Amber Ale and an English Brown Ale styles. We love the spicy bitterness that a German hop such as Hersbrucker brings to a beer to balance that rich malt character."

Stone & Wood said the new beer is more suited to the cooler months but one you could equally drink all year round, "a beer that contrasts and balances the rest of the Stone & Wood beers".  

"We are really happy that we are now in a position to be rolling out our new brew just in time for the change of season."
Stone & Wood's Rick Bannister told TheShout the brewer is keeping a "short leash" on the Jasper Ale for now, until production is increased. The beer is currently available on tap at about 10 specialist craft beer pubs and in bottles at as many independent bottle shops.

Stone & Wood this year expanded its brewing capacity by about 50 per cent in response to continued strong demand for its beers.

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