With pisco on the trend radar for summer, The Pisco People has launched a new distribution company focusing on the South American white spirit.

Founded by Josie Healy, The Pisco People is a boutique distributor, wholesaler and online retailer, importing piscos from four of the best bodegas in Peru – Viñasde Oro, Pisco Portón, De Carral and Cuatro G’s.

The portfolio also features a range of styles within the spirit, including single variety Quebranta and Italia styles, the Acholado style – which is a mix of two or more grape varieties – and the super-premium Mosto Verde.

The national spirit of Peru, pisco is a white spirit that is distilled from eight grape varietals and is made in specific regions, under strict Peruvian guidelines and with no colours, flavours or even water added after distillation.

Healy travelled extensively through Peru and Chile to source the right products, building relationships with producers.

“While travelling through South America, particularly Peru, I developed a great passion for their national drink. When I returned to Australia I found it impossible to find the piscos I had enjoyed during my trip and saw an opportunity to introduce the Peruvian spirit to the Australian market,” he says. “This led to me returning to South America where I spent time sourcing premium brands from bodegas, recognised nationally and internationally for the quality of their pisco.”

Healy is collaborating with brand ambassador Daniel Monk, award-winning mixologist and manager of Fitzroy bar The Rum Diary.

To officially launch its products in Australia, The Pisco People is running a ‘Dare to Pisco – Getaway’ – competition for professional bartenders to create their own cocktail ideas. The overall winner will be sent on an incredible trip to Peru. More information will follow.

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