By Triana O'Keefe, editor Australian Hotelier

Beverage equipment manufacturer Lancer has announced its latest innovation project Draftstream.

The new technology, which transforms still drinks into sparkling at the point of dispense, will be introduced in venues across Australia.

Draftstream allows normal bag in the box wines to be carbonated so they have the same bubble size and carbonation levels as traditional bottled fermented wines.

It also opens opportunities for the development of new sparkling cocktails, draught beer and cider.

Managing director Joe Thorp said the unique control system enables drinks to be carbonated to a pre-set level at point of dispense.

“By using the Draftsteam system, bag in the box wines can be turned into sparkling wine and poured directly into glasses without the need for staff to uncork bottles,” he said.

“This provides function centres and hotels with considerable savings in staff and time, less wastage, reduced storage, increased safety and greater convenience.

“It also opens the prospect of new sparkling drinks being created and alternative ways of serving normally still wines.

“Overseas, where the technology is already in use, hotels and bars are creating unique ranges of sparkling cocktails and it’s likely this trend will expand into Australia as the technology becomes more common.”

Thorp said the technology has the potential to revolutionise the whole supply chain by using bag in box drinks and so eliminating kegs.

Draftstream machines are available for one or multi dispense point operations and are fully compatible with the industry standard CO2 and cooling equipment.

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