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Oxebar Australia, specialists in large polymer containers and oxygen barrier packaging technology, have transformed the manufacturing process of one-way kegs.

Oxebar uses single stage manufacturing technology to make the Kegasaurus Polymer Kegs, which they say “produces kegs that are more robust, better designed and keep the beer fresher for longer”.

Dom Evans, General Manager of Oxebar, said Oxebar is able to deliver recyclable, lightweight and robust containers that take advantage of the amazing properties that polymers have to offer.

“Because of the way they are manufactured, our Kegasauras Kegs are more robust, have better designed valves and superior oxygen scavenger properties which means breweries can keep their beer fresher for longer. This makes it ideal for transporting beer long distances such as across Australia or those looking for a cheaper alternative to stainless steel kegs to export their beer,” he said.

To manufacture the Kegasaurus Polymer Kegs, Oxebar has commissioned a new type of injection stretch blow molding machine. They say, “Oxebar are the only manufacturers in the world making blow moulded kegs as large as 50 litres to meet the tax excise requirements in Australia.”

Based in Victoria, Oxebar has the ability to meet the needs of Australian breweries efficiently with all manufacturing taking place in Springvale.

Kee Doery, Co-founder of Oxebar, said: “Australians invented the first one-way keg back in 2002 and it’s exciting that we are now leading the next wave of innovative manufacturing techniques in one way kegs.”

He continued: “The most exciting thing about this new venture is that we can work with local breweries to export kegs overseas. In the past few years the Australian dollar has made it difficult for Australian breweries to take advantage of export sales of kegs. Now, with the low Australian dollar and a locally made high quality one way keg being manufactured in Victoria we are in a great position to export beers overseas.”

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