The new normal caused by the COVID-19 pandemic means staff and visitor details must be recorded. It makes sense. In the event of someone testing positive it will reduce potential outbreaks if the contact tracing teams can get a handle on who else that person was in contact with.

It could be a hassle, but Sign In makes it easy.

Your guests just scan a QR code unique to you, fill in a very quick web form, and they are signed in, without you or your staff having to lift a finger. If you prefer a more personal service, you can SignIn your guests just as quickly from within the SignIn portal.

After they’ve done their SignIn, they can be automatically directed to your website, a special offer, what’s on or your contactless ordering system.

We hope the time doesn’t come, but if you get a call from the contact tracing team, Sign In has a powerful search capacity to quickly identify known contacts of an infected person.

SignIn is simple to use and saves businesses time and money while adhering to government COVID-19 regulations. All that is required is guests’ name and phone number – so privacy is assured. There is no GPS tracking and information is deleted after 28 days.

As businesses get back on their feet it was critical to make ‘Sign In’ affordable – at just $5.00 per week per venue.

Guests will feel safer and more confident when venues are COVID-19 safe, and Sign In makes it easy for business owners to do this.

Sign In is 100 per cent Australian owned and developed – and all information is stored in secure Australian servers.

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