QuizzaMe has turned traditional trivia nights on their heads with our no pens, no paper, all fun events.  Hosted by a professionally trained Quiz Master, adding a QuizzaMe event to your venue event calendar will turn your bar or bistro into an entertainment hotspot.

Trivia nights have been a regular revenue driver for venues for many years and there are several options out there from professional companies to Trev’s Backyard Trivia. QuizzaMe is your avenue to stand out from your competition and offer a product that takes the familiar concept of trivia and presents it with a new and exciting twist. 

Due to every question being multiple choice and the limited time to answer, QuizzaMe is designed to appeal to a wider demographic and range of ages – with questions aimed at those 18 – 80. A very family friendly format and question content QuizzaMe is perfect in small teams, large teams or some free family fun. 

How does QuizzaMe deliver results for your venue?

  • People travel in groups and will meet for dinner as a group prior to playing
  • As the only product of its type, players quickly become addicted to QuizzaMe and return on a regular basis
  • Only professional Quiz Masters are hired to entertain players and drive repeat attendance
  • Easily integrated into your venue’s AV or we can supply required equipment
  • Support through point of sale, extremely active Facebook page and website, twitter and membership program
  • We are running special introductory rate of 10% off our normal rate. Offer valid until 30th June and discount will apply for the remainder of 2014. 

To book QuizzaMe for your venue or for your free QuizzaMe demonstration speak to Quiz Master Paul on 1800 QUIZZAME (1800 784 992) or email paul@quizzame.com.au.

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