Japanese whisky maker Nikka has released its limited-edition Discovery series for 2023, which this year explores grain, and blends four distinctive grain whiskies from four distilleries.

The Discovery Series release for 2023, “The Grain”, blends grain whiskies from four Nikka distilleries, including Coffey Grain and Coffey Malt at Miyagikyo, and Old Coffey Grain and Coffey Malt from the closed Nishinomiya Plant. A new barley grain whisky from Moji Distillery, and barley, corn and rye whiskies from Satsumastukasa Distillery, have also been included in the recipe.

“This year, the Nikka Discovery Series release is all about the grain,” said Nikka Whisky Brand Ambassador Marcus Parmenter.

“The beauty of the Discovery Series is its experimental nature and ability to push boundaries to discover new, different whiskies to share and enjoy.”

Only 20,000 750ml bottles of Nikka Discovery 2023 – The Grain (ABV 48 per cent) have been made, with 500 available in Australia. The Discovery series previously experimented with peat in 2021 and with yeast in 2022.

“This is an exquisite and rare whisky, making it an ideal choice for a unique Christmas gift for that special someone,” Parmenter said.

“Skillful blending of the four grain whiskies has created a sense of harmony between the distinctive batches, which each have their own unique properties and flavours.

“With a refreshing scent reminiscent of marmalade and cider, The Grain is woody and vanilla-like, but with a sweet, fragrant aroma of toasted grains or even cookies. On the palate it has the gentle spiciness of cinnamon, coupled with the sweetness of corn and a slight bittersweet, yet refreshing, after-taste.”

Nikka’s Discovery Series 2023 – The Grain retails for $270 a bottle and half of Australia’s allocation will be made available to premium whisky and cocktail bars around the country.

Andy Young

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