By Ian Neubauer

The Foster’s Group and Lion Nathan have struck back at the Rudd Government for suggesting a link between alcohol advertising, sport sponsorship and binge drinking.

The statements followed the Monday launch of a $53 million Federal Government initiative to combat binge drinking that hinted a crackdown on alcohol advertising.

“We don’t believe there is any compelling evidence to suggest that alcohol advertising is a cause of misuse,” Lion Nathan corporate affairs director, James Tait, told B&T News. “We go through very rigorous pre-vetting processes before any of or communications hits the market. This ensures the advertising that does get into the market is responsible.”    

Foster’s corporate affairs spokesperson, Troy Hey, concurred.

“The jury is still out on the link between advertising and misuse of alcohol. We understand marketing is about [changing] peoples’ brands preference than actual consumption level,” Hey told the industry publication.

“Bans on alcoholic beverage advertising will not help those who are suffering but create more restrictions for the companies without actually doing anything for the groups of concern,” he said.  

Other public stakeholders joined a chorus of opposition to the Rudd Government initiative, which includes the allocation of $14 million to confront the culture of binge drinking in community and sporting organisations.  

“Why are we spending millions targeting sporting organisations for their supposed drunken and sordid environments?” wrote The Daily Telegraph editor-at-large, Garry Linnell.  

“We have to look at broader issues like taxation of alcohol, like trading house, like the number of licenses issued if we really want to effect change,” Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation CEO, Darly Smeaton, told The Australian.

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