By Ian Neubauer

The NSW Cabinet today (October 20) denied reports it is on the verge of imposing a ban on late-night trading in the state.

NSW deputy premier, Carmel Tebbutt, who will chair a special commitee to tackle aclohol problems in the state, said reports that cabinet is considering restricing trading times to 2:00am across the state had jumped the gun.

““There are a number of propositions on the table but such a document does not exist yet,” a spokesperson for Tebbutt told TheShout.

“But I think it is fair to say the [State] Government is looking at what they can do to tighten up liquor laws and respond appropriately to community concerns about what they can do to address the drinking culture.
“We are going to do something. We just don’t know exactly what.”

The Department of Liquor Gaming and Racing voiced similar sentiments, saying it was unaware of any plans to bring an end to late-night trading in the state. 

ClubsNSW issued a statement saying police figures show there has been no increase in alcohol-related assaults in registered clubs over the past decade — despite a 50 per cent increase in membership growth over the period.

“If ever there was a case of the facts speaking for themselves, then this is it,” said ClubsNSW chief executive, David Costello. “If the police can show a venue is knowingly breaching the law then yes, shut them down. But don’t introduce a blanket law that says every club in the state must be punished for the crimes of others.”

AHA chief executive, Sally Fielke, described the proposal as a knee-jerk reaction.

“If the Government is serious about addressing the binge drinking culture, [they should instead] look at long-term, sensible solutions that address personal responsibility and drinking education,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald.
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